when marketing

is not your thing

perfect client-coach matching
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random networking
social media management
waste of time, energy & money
say no to:
well matched prospects
enjoying what you do best
clients when they need you
say yes to:
FINALLY, practice what you preach
and actualize your own work-life balance
We 🧡 Results
  • Ashley W.
    ABC Coaching
    There had to be a better way for clients and coaches to meet. WeCo made it totally cost-effective and smart. They are doing all the heavy-lifting marketing and I get clients. Win-win all around!
  • Robert P.
    DEF Coaching
    Helping people is totally my thing and selling is not exactly my cup of tea. WeCo has been such a relief: I focus on transformations, not on getting my clients. Thank you, WeCo!
  • Mark D.
    HIJ Coaching
    In addition to charging my clients who come from WeCo, I also benefit when my clients join WeCo. Ambassador program is pretty neat additional income where I never have to sell anything.
How it works?
WeCo members build businesses,
using our step-by-step Roadmap.

They are advised to reach out
when they need your services.

Next steps:
Identify your ideal audience &
Submit Consideration Form
(30 min)
72 hours
Qualification interview, when accepted.
(60 min)
1 week
Qualified offers are strategically
introduced to WeCommunity
Ready for qualified clients?
Consideration Fee
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Estimated Monthly fee
Listing in the roadmap
WeCo Membership
($20 Value)
Ambassador Program
(15% commission)
Individual Onboarding
WeCommunity Shoutout
Master Class (1 hour)
Zoom with WeCo Founder
Featured Listing
* Credited towards the purchase, if approved
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